Medical School Admission

Medical school admission in a prestigious institution is not an easy nut to crack. As a student, you need to focus on your career from the very beginning in order to confirm a berth for yourself in a premier institution. Getting admission in a reputed medical school helps you to get the right kind of exposure; it allows you to make it big in the medical field.

Medical school gives students an opportunity to learn A to Z of the medical field. Medical school acts as a platform in educating and training aspiring doctors. In short, a medical school is no less than a laboratory that churns out some of the best medical minds.

All aspiring doctors in US have to undergo a four year training and qualifying period at a recognized medical school. However, students desiring to specialize in a particular branch of the medical field and move beyond the general practice will have to spend more time in medical school. The time-span of the course may extend to eight years, depending upon the nature of course opted by the student.

Medical School Admission: Process

Medical School Admission in the United States is based primarily on your GPA, MCAT score. Students seeking admission in medical school, normally is equipped with a four-year undergraduate degree from a college or a university specializing in any subject. Specializing in biology is not mandatory, in case you meet the other necessary requirements of medical school.

Few medical schools offer a “7-year program” directly after high school. The seven-year program is divided into a 3-year undergraduate course and a standard 4-year medical degree.

Medical School Admission Tips:

The student must work hard to score high in GPA, MCAT.
All courses must be completed, as required from the medical school.
The students must try to be in a cordial relation with faculty members, researchers and physicians as they are the ones who issue recommendation letters.
Involvement in extracurricular and other useful activities improves the profile of a student.

Different Steps Involved In Medical School Admission

Once you have applied for medical school admission, your preliminary application will be scrutinized. The medical schools send out secondary applications only to those students who clear the "initial screen." It is your personal information that you need to share in the secondary application.

If you successfully clear this stage, you will receive an interview-call from the medical school. For this, you will need to brush up your knowledge about the college – basic facts like whether the medical school excels in primary care or lays emphasis on education and research, useful statistics, etc. Faring well at this stage ensures a bright future for yourself in the form of medical school admission.

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