Medical Surgical Nursing

Medical surgical nursing is considered as a very noble profession. The specialty of this profession is that the nurse can get into the center of action and shoulder the major responsibility of curing the patient.

Surgical nurses cater to patients who are elderly or are suffering from critical ailment; therefore, the profession demands knowledge and dexterity. They have to be well acquainted with vast knowledge in this field in order to handle critical cases and render mental support to the elderly patients. Those who choose to follow this profession, require more training, whether in school or on the job site.

Post operation, a patient remains physically weak and takes time to recover. Hence, they need extra care and proper vigilance. Medical surgical nursing is all about taking care of these patients and providing them the support to revive.

Medical Surgical Nursing – The Job Of A Surgical Nurse

Medical surgical nursing entails many responsibilities. A surgical nurse has to diagnose and assess the critical condition of the patient. She has to be alert always and keep a watchful eye on the patient. She takes the responsibility of medicating the patient and keeping everything documented. She engages in extensive researches and educates herself to learn more about the ailments as well as their treatments. She should work as a team with the doctors and physicians, technicians, pharmacists, therapist and social workers.

Medical Surgical Nursing – The Characteristics Of Surgical Nurses

Since a surgical nurse has to multi-task, therefore, she should possess the following qualities:

First and foremost, a surgical nurse should have the ability to handle stress. She has to work under pent-up situations and therefore maintain her cool.

A surgical nurse is always expected to have enough endurance. She may have to work in the wee hours of the night or sometimes a two-hour operation may turn into a five-hours’ ordeal. Therefore, she should be prepared to compromise with the extended time.

The surgical nurse should have the willingness to take orders from senior or junior doctors. She should accept it with good heart and attend to her responsibilities dutifully.

A surgical nurse has to be accustomed to unpleasant situations and therefore she should be not finicky about it.

Medical surgical nursing can be introduced in some specialty areas, which incorporate orthopedics, neurosurgery and oncology. A surgical nurse should be well aware of the advancement of science and research and, therefore, she should keep herself up-to-date about the developments.

Medical surgical nursing is quite a demanding job. It is a very challenging job and you may have the ability to bag high incentives. The profession also demands continuing education courses. Surgical nurses should have a strong heart because they may find themselves in the center of a life-and-death situation.

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