Medical Transcription Jobs

Today medical transcription jobs are much in demand because of the need to modify the patients' records, to pick out the inconsistencies from the medical reports and to edit the scripts from speech recognition machines. This need for electronic documentation is able to create a greater demand for medical transcriptionists.

The growing population has also brought about a considerable increase in the medical transcription jobs. As a medical transcriptionist, you can expect immense improvement in your career. You will find that the elderly people go for the maximum number of medical treatments and tests.

Nowadays, hospitals also employ a good number of medical transcriptionists and there is enough evidence that the medical transcription jobs provide you excellent growth opportunities. In the US, jobs in medical transcription were more than 100000 in the year 2004; from which 30% worked in the offices of the physicians, 40% piled their trade in hospitals and the rest of them worked for the medical laboratories, offices of physical and occupational therapists, business support services, audiologists and others.

All You Need To Know About Medical Transcription Jobs

You can do a medical transcriptionist’s job right from your home or from a clinic, office or hospital. What you have to do as a medical transcriptionist is transcribe dictations that are made by health-care providers/physicians to finally compile them into medical reports. These reports are in turn handed over to the physicians/caregivers to be incorporated as an integral part of the patient's treatment chart.

The documents to be transcribed include referral letters, discharge summaries, physical examination reports, history and other documents.

Medical transcription jobs are not very easy to handle. The jobs require a lot of training and a good education for transcribing the dictated medical reports accurately and in a clear format. You have to be quite familiar with the medical terminology as this is essential in these jobs.

Apart from being well versed in medical terminology, medical transcription jobs also require you to have sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures and treatment assessments. Working in-house in hospitals or clinics will require you to receive patients, answer phone calls and schedule appointments.

If it is not much of a problem for you to work outside the home, you can check the jobs in local clinics and hospitals for on-site medical transcription positions.

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