Medical Transcription

Medical transcription or MT is a healthcare profession. It is a mainstream profession, which encompasses the process of documenting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other health professionals into written text.

Requirements Of The Medical Transcription Job

The medical transcription job demands awareness, sound knowledge of medical language and of comprehensive terminology. You do not really need to have a degree for this job. However, good typing speed, attentiveness, consistency and carefulness about grammatical errors are the basic requirements. A medical transcriptionist needs to undertake extensive document typing and formatting functions following the established criteria for performing.

The spoken words about the patients’ care information are transcribed into easily readable written format as part of the medical transcription job. Correct spelling of all terms and words and correction of dictation errors and medical terms are important aspects of the job. Editing of transcribed documents, printing and returning the completed document in time are also a part of the Medical transcription job. All reports of transcription should abide by medico-legal concerns, medical policies and procedures as well as the laws of patient confidentiality.

About Voice Recognition

As per the present trends in the medical industry, traditional form of document creation is outdated. VR or Voice Recognition is a new age technology with the power to write up to 200 words per minute with 99% accuracy have proved to be very efficient for physicians.

Importance Of Medical Transcription

Up to date patient information is converted into a written document by a medical transcriptionist. It must be confidential and specific. This text is printed and archived or stored as an electronic medical record. Electronic storage in their database helps to get immediate access to subsequent departments or providers for up to date medical history of patients. This certainly speeds up healthcare delivery regardless of geographical position.

In the recent years following Federal and State Disability Act changes, a written report (IME) has become mandatory for documenting a medical bill or an application for Workers’ Compensation/Insurance Benefits. Thus, the medical transcription job has not only been a great leap for the medical industry, it has also proved effective in safeguarding the commoners interests.

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