Pre Med

Pre medical courses (popularly known as pre med) prepare a student for a medical school. Many American Colleges and Universities offer pre med programs. Prior to taking admission to a medical school, there are certain standard requirements set forth by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Specific Requirements

To fulfill the pre medical requirements, a student needs to have a few particular courses, which include Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, General Biology, General Physics, English Writing and Calculus. Each subject should have a first and second paper and there should be laboratory-teaching facilities with each of the subjects.

Usually the pre med students are advised to take subjects like biochemistry, physical chemistry, genetics, cellular biology, upper level biology and chemistry electives. Remember that the requirements by the various institutions do vary. Certain schools may have some specific requirements for non-science classes. Again, some schools may have requirements for courses in Psychology, English or other disciples, whereas other schools require general humanities credit.

Advantages Of Pre Med Programs

Most important of all, the course prepares you to seek admission in the medical schools.
The program enables the student to learn natural and social sciences. It encourages the students to take keen interest in liberal arts, computer use, languages and writing.
The program entails a lot of practical work, which incorporates practical experience with patients in clinics or laboratories.
Suppose you favor natural sciences, but you hate to specialize in any one of them or you may like natural science, but hate to take these courses in your entire college curriculum. In such case, the pre med program can prove a very appropriate choice, providing students the opportunity to gather knowledge of chemistry, biology and physics and at the same time enables you have laboratory experience.

These pre med courses are designed to prepare you, inspire you to take up and deal with more rigorous science courses in the medical school. The pre med programs also prepare you for the various admission tests for the medical schools, which can be tough.
The program helps you to be equipped with a solid background in mathematics and physics.

Pre med program fetches you a bachelor's degree and the course continues for 4 years. The pre med Bachelor’s degree is the ticket, which will permit you to apply for a medical school. Remember that if you want to pursue a medical career, then you should opt for a quality pre med course from any renowned college.

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