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The word nurse comes from the Latin word “nutricius” which means “person that nourishes.”  A nurse is responsible for the treatment nourishment of patients who are injured or ill.  Their role in the world of medical care is extremely important, and they serve as a helper to the doctors and patients.  There are many different kinds of nurses, and some may serve as dieticians, physical therapists, social workers, and medical practitioners, just to name a few.  They are integral in the healing process of all patients. 

In order to become a nurse, one must have an extensive educational background that covers many different things such as a thorough knowledge of the medical sciences as well as hands on clinical experience.  Many schools across the United States and across the world offer extensive nursing educational programs.  Some nurses will obtain their bachelor’s degree in nursing, while others move even more advanced into obtaining their Masters degree in nursing.  For those who accomplish their Masters degree, they can also delve into the realm of medical administration and higher up positions.

There are generally three different categories of nurses: registered nurse, nurse practitioner, and enrolled nurse.  Each type of nurse has different duties, and has achieved various levels of education pertaining to the title they have earned.  But nurses are more than just skilled medical helpers.  They provide a source of comfort to both the patient and the patient’s families, and often help the families cope with the illness or injury by helping to answer questions and talking to them.  A nurse can work in a clinic, hospital, private practice, school, or emergency room.  These are just some examples of the many different work environments in which you can find nurses.  Nurses are the caregivers of today and tomorrow, and they should be lauded for their efforts and assistance.

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