American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association is an important facet of nursing, and serves as a network of organizations pulling together to help promote a positive image of nursing as well as serve as a platform for nurses all over the country. Currently, the American Nurses Association has 54 organizations, and helps to represent almost 3 million registered nurses within the United States. The organization is also a steward for promoting ethics in the workplace, as well as nurse’s rights. The American Nurses Association has been in existence for over 100 years and helps to address the needs of not only nurses, but of the patients that they treat as well. Originally the group was started in 1896 when it joined forces with Canada. Eventually, the group separated from our Canadian neighbors and officially became the American Nurses Association in the year 1911. At that time, no one was a registered nurse since the laws for this had not yet been passed.

Today, the group has expanded to all corners of the country, and works with nurses to help improve their working conditions, as well as the treatment and conditions of patients. The American Nurses Association publishes newsletters, attends lobbying conferences, promotes nursing values through the Internet and through meetings, and helps to develop new policies. These policies are designed to help protect and enforce the rights of all nurses in all health care settings. In addition, partnerships with other crucial organizations help to ensure that all angles of the industry are being addressed and explored. It also helps to make sure that nurses’ voices are heard. The American Nurses Association is a great representative for all nurses across the nation. Through education, support, and strength, this amazing group has become a symbol of the value of nurses in the United States.

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