American Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association is the only largest full-service organization that protects the profession of nursing and their welfare. It is a professional group supporting United State of America’s two million nine-hundred thousand registered nurses. They promote higher standards of nursing practice and the economic and general welfare of nurses through its fifty-four constitute member associations. They show a positive and realistic view of nursing to the public.

The headquarters of the American Nurses Association is located in Silver Springs, Maryland. By using their voice in Congress, on the federal level, and in hospitals, they bring out issues affecting the public. They are committed to helping nurses and to meeting their needs as well as the health care consumers. The American Nurses Association is aiming to expand the role of registered nurse and advanced practice nurses in basic and primary health care. They are looking to obtain federal funding for the education and training of new nurses to help improve the workplace and quality of care given to patients. They are working on reforming the healthcare on state and national levels as well as Medicare, patient rights, appropriate staffing, and protection for workers. The American Nurses Association wants to expand the scientific and research base for nursing practice and gain better compensation and benefits for nurses across the country. They also want to implement new ways to deliver nursing service to help boost the quality of care given to patients. The American Nurses Association is also responsible for creating the Code of Ethics for nursing.

The American Nurses Association is for registered nurses placed all around the country. After joining you can start helping the millions of voices speak up on behalf of nursing and health care be heard. Be involved with the hundreds of committees and boards representing nurses at the national, state, and local levels to help shape the association.

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