Ask a Nurse

Ask A Nurse is a triage of registered nurses available around-the-clock with health care information accessible by phone and e-mail. These specifically trained registered nurses will carefully listen to and answer your questions. Ask A Nurse is a professional service designed to help you make an informed decision about your health. Although they can not provide a diagnosis they may assist in the decision to take your loved one to the emergency room, to call a doctor, or to use simple home care treatments. The nurses use a comprehensive data base so they can provide accurate information and fast and reliable facts. They may also refer you to a physician in your local area for treatment. They always have the latest medical knowledge available at the touch of a keyboard. The information is confidential and guaranteed to be accurate. Ask A Nurse is accessible in the privacy of your own home as long as you have a working phone line. This service is also free of charge and is available in most hospitals.

As well as Ask A Nurse, many foundations and hospitals offer a site where you may ask a nurse questions about your health. Registered nurse consultants will answer questions about treatments and health care through e-mail. They will answer a variety of questions ranging from diagnostic tests, medications, chest pains, and even weight management. All information will be accurate and confidential. Some places will even offer counselors where you can ask a nurse advice about your health problems. These nurses are certified in both nursing and counseling fields. These information services are extremely confidential and secret; they are all accessible from your own home if you own a computer with internet access. The counselors will offer personal advice on living with medical conditions such as breast cancer, heart health, genital herpes, and many others.

Latest Article: Medical Nursing

Medical nursing can be defined as the art of curing patients not only physically, but also mentally.  Hence, the profession of nursing is considered very important in the medical field. Patients can lose their mental balance or may eventually die, if not properly taken care of, after any major operation. At this point, the service of a nurse matters a lot. There is a specialized...

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