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Florence Nightingale is undoubtedly the biggest influence working on one when one chooses to become a nurse. This, however, is not the only reason; people aspire to become a nurse as much for the respect they command in the society as for the stability and permanence the profession promises.

Nursing is not just like any career option. It is a job with a difference. Apart from rewards and salaries, a nurse gets the opportunity to play a role in restoring the health and life of the sick and the neglected. This is indeed an added benefit and such social causes often inspire you to become a nurse. 

What Should You Do?

Just liking the profession is not enough; you should have time, energy and resources to become a nurse. There are several Nursing Programs and educational options available for you. To join the profession, you will need to select the one suited to your needs and purposes.

Certificate Program – Such a program trains you to become a nursing assistant or a nursing aide. The program does not call for a solid educational base. Students of the nursing assistant program are asked to complete a 75-hours certified nursing assistant training course and then sit for a competency examination. Once you pass the exam, you become a certified assistant.

Vocational Training – Vocational Training program enables a nursing student become a licensed practical or vocational nurse, generally referred to as LPN or LVN. You can avail of such trainings at vocational schools, hospitals as well as community colleges. A nurse under a vocational training works under the guidance of a registered nurse (RN) or a physician. You need one year to complete a vocational training. After you complete the training, you have to sit for an examination, the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses.

Colleges or University Diploma – If you want to become a nurse, particularly a registered nurse, you should have a proper understanding of several college and university nursing programs. You need two to four years to complete such programs. After you go through a college or university diploma course, you have to clear the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.

The Various Working Arenas Open To You As A Nurse

  • You can work in hospitals and clinics
  • You can work in physician’s office, schools, go for private duties and work with home health agencies
  • You can work in the legal arena as consultants and lawyers with a nursing degree
  • You can work for insurance companies
  • You may perform as clinical researchers and sales reps for drug companies and medical equipment firms
  • You may become a nurse and play the role of diabetic educator or wound ostomy nurse thereby educating other nurses in matters of innovative medications, treatments, equipment and treatment modalities
  • After you become a nurse, you may also be a teacher in nursing schools at all specified levels
  • As a nurse, you can also work in the military, especially when there is a war and lots of people are wounded and injured 

Become a nurse and then you can render great help to the society.

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