Call Center Nurses

Since most people are extremely busy these days, we don’t always have time to go to the doctor or sit in a waiting room to be examined for non life threatening illnesses or injuries. The medical world is aware of this fact and has begun to develop a niche for something called call center nurses. Call center nurses are professional, licensed and registered nurses who are available to help people with general medical questions. The goal is to be able to help people over the phone with any medical issues they have without having to seek treatment in a hospital or health care center. Based on answers to several questions, the call center nurses will either provide advice for the patient, or in some cases they will advise that they do seek immediate treatment, depending on the severity. These call centers can be owned and operated by a hospital, or they can be owned by private companies who offer their services for a small fee to the caller.

While the information given to people who call these nurses over the phone is not meant to completely treat any particular ailment, it can serve as a beginning point to helping them with general questions. Things like treating a bee sting, what to do with a fever, or possible side effects of various medications are all information that call center nurses can provide without the patient having to speak directly to a doctor. Of course as with any real medical emergency, 911 should be called and patients should be taken to the emergency room. The purpose of the call centers is to help answer general non serious questions for people who do not know where else to turn. The nurses who answer these calls are professional and experienced, and are able to provide patients with accurate and helpful information which can save them a lot of valuable time.

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