Career Opportunities for Nurses

Many years, ago, nurses were lumped into one general category and were mostly there to assist the doctor with things that he or she needed, or to be there to attend to patients. Today, there are many exciting career opportunities for nurses that expand well beyond the general realm of basic health care. Some of these careers include becoming a nursing educator so that nurses are taught by people who have had hands on experience in the field. Nurse management is another wonderful opportunity. This position places a nurse in a management setting and they are able to manage staff and patients in a supervisory role. Of course the many career opportunities for nurses expand well beyond just education and management. With so many specialized fields in health care, nurses can now attend to patients in the element of health care they are most interested in. For example, diabetic nurses are specially trained to help people suffering from diabetes, while intensive care nurses work in the IC unit of hospitals.

A great benefit of the many career opportunities for nurses is the potential for advancement both in a professional sense and a financial sense. Since the demand for more nurses and more specialized nurses is constantly increasing, many employers are offering enticing sign on bonuses for qualified nurses. In some cases these bonuses can be as high as $10,000 or more! Career opportunities for nurses can be in other settings beside a hospital. For example, schools always need good nurses as well as nursing homes, private practices, and even large companies are now hiring their own in house nurses. The possibilities seem endless for those who are in the nursing field, and now is a great time to begin a new and exciting career path that will allow you to grow and move up in your professional life.

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