History of Nursing

Nursing is a profession that focuses on patients. When a patient enters a doctor's office, hospital, or operating room, they expect the best care. While doctors perform a bulk of the service, they need assistance from qualified nurses. Most people are familiar with modern day nurses that perform lab work and other preliminary medical steps. Yet, many are unfamiliar with the history of nursing. Nursing has been around in one form or another for centurise. While earlier nurses went by many different names, they held the same responsibility – to care for the patient. In many instances, a doctor wasn't even present, wherein a nurse was solely responsible for a sick or injured person.

The history of nursing points to the 14th century as the start of modern day nurses. Although various forms of nurses existed prior to this time, these weren't traditional nurses. In the 14th century, the primary role of a nurse was to care for a newborn or child. These nurses were referred to as wet nurses and dry nurses. Over time, these nurses began to expand their realm, and offered their services to various sick persons. This type of nursing was not organized or offered in an actual medical facility. Rather, the history of nursing shows that individuals who provided healthcare services would go to the sick person's home and remain until their health improved.

Nuns and the military introduced modern day nursing services. Nuns would care for the elderly and orphans, and provide bedside service. Additionally, the military employed qualified women to care for injured soldiers. Health care services were offered in a designated facility, and each nurse had a specific role. As the profession expanded, nurses were able to specialize in a medical field, and choose from an array of occupations. The history of nursing proves that this profession has been around for many years. Moreover, the development of various health care facilities and nursing degrees is a testament to the need for qualified nursing professionals.

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