New York Nurse

All states individually govern their medical practices and procedures slightly different than others. This goes for the field of nursing as well. Since each state administers its own, separate licensure exam, the New York nurse may have to follow different guidelines than a nurse in Idaho for example. The New York nurse is expected to be professional and ethical at all times. There is a strict code of conduct that must be followed, and infractions can result in fines, suspension, or even the loss of one’s job depending on the individual circumstances. Of course, just like other states, most of these rules and regulations are common sense. All nurses must wear the proper gloves and masks when touching any kind of bodily fluids such as blood or saliva. They must also be sure to discard the gloves and masks after administering treatment. This kind of common sense practice goes for nurses of all states, not just those in New York.

The New York nurse should always sterilize any equipment, particularly any kind of device that may enter the patient’s vascular system, such as an IV needle. In addition, machinery needs to be maintained properly, such as devices needed to administer air supply or breathing assistance (like a ventilator). A New York nurse manager is responsible for monitoring performance of all personnel under their jurisdiction. This includes anyone license or unlicensed who is administering any kind of medication, treatment, or making any kind of diagnosis. There are many more detailed rules that are to be followed, but these are some general guidelines. The basic layout and specifics are part of the New York State Office of Professions. These are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the health care field, especially the patients who place their lives in doctors and nurses’ hands.

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