New Nurse

Today, a nurse is more modern and beauty conscious and therefore any new nurse opting the nursing profession, will prefer improved and brand new uniform. The Internet is coming up with websites, offering convenient shopping for exclusive designs.

Previously, the nursing uniforms appeared only in white or blue colors. But they are available in multi-hues like, pink, or purple, or green or yellow. The designs are also very innovative with kitties, or puppies or monkeys on them. The Internet also renders the opportunity of buying these uniforms at reasonable prices, any time and anywhere.

New Nurse- Uniforms at Different Stages

  • The nursing uniforms have witnessed many transformations, since the 1880s. At that time, the uniform was popularly known as the “fever proof uniform”, as they covered most part of the body. Actually, the uniform represented “the state of the art”, but appeared without any gloves.
  • A new style of uniform was introduced in the 1840s. It was styled according to what the society preferred. The dresses almost represented those dresses tailored for the female 'servant' of that time.
  • The new nurse uniforms of today known as scrubs, are of fine quality and are wrinkle resistant.

The designers should avoid choosing lousy colors, while adding new style and colors to the uniforms. They should always choose colors, which should be soothing and appealing.

Various Options for a New Nurse

A new nurse, who is entering this field, can browse through the various options, as listed below:

Colorful Creations: Color is now more fun for a new nurse. They can make their pick and wear it to the working place. The pediatric nurses can have multiple choices of colors. While, the scrub nurses can wear any color, besides green.

Basic Whites: The color code of the nursing uniform is still white, in many hospitals. But since, the duty hours stretch to a long 12 hours, therefore many hospitals have relaxed this norm of dressing. Hence, you can have any colored uniform, you like.

Patterns: Pediatric nurses can avail this option very easily. But the other nurses can have their uniform designed, as they wish. There are a plenty of topper choices ranging from, ducks, clowns, kitten, puppies and many more.

Materials, cuts: A new nurse can have her choice able cuts varying from long to short sleeves, tops in polyester or cotton or linen. The material used for making this uniform also determines the shape and look of the dress. Therefore, try to use that material, which you prefer most.

'Variety is the Spice of Life'. Hence, if you are a new nurse in this field, then try the innovative tips and set examples for your fellow nurses.

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