New York Nurse

Every state in America has different requirements and prerequisites for people who would like to practice nursing in their chosen state of residence.  In order to become a New York nurse, there are several different guidelines that one must follow.  First and foremost, one must be of good moral character.  This is because as a New York nurse, you are responsible for all of your patient’s mental and physical well being.  Usually this standard is coupled with a criminal background check for verification purposes. 

Next, you must be at least eighteen years of age and prove so with valid picture identification such as a driver’s license or passport.  The age is 17 for those who would like to be a licensed practical nurse, but the age of 18 is required for those who want to be a registered nurse.  Of course, the most obvious requirement is to have the appropriate educational background.  This usually is coupled by a degree in nursing from an accredited educational institution (college or university).

If you meet these requirements to become a New York nurse, you must also file an application for licensure.  This also includes some other necessary forms, so be sure to check with the New York licensing board and find out exactly what is needed at the time of application.  The application comes with a fee, usually in the amount of about $135 or so for the licensure fee, and about $35 for a limited permit.  There are stringent educational and examination requirements for both kinds of nurses, so be sure to check with the New York State education department to find out what exactly is required.  These guidelines are updated often so it’s important that you find out close to the time of application to ensure you will have everything you need.  The need for a New York nurse is constantly in high demand, so there are many wonderful jobs available once you have obtained your license to practice nursing.

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