Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has achieved their master’s degree or higher education level. With the higher degree and skill in a variety of medical areas, nurse practitioners work in a variety of health care areas. One of the benefits available to a nurse practitioner is the ability to specialize in a particular field if they choose. Nurse practitioners may work in any number of different health care fields and may further their education to become certified in other areas at any time.

For example, a nurse practitioner may specialize in pediatrics and work in pediatric offices, or a nurse practitioner may specialize in psychiatry and can work in almost the same capacity as a psychiatrist. Another advantage that nurse practitioners have is that they can often write prescriptions for medications where other nurses may not.

To become a nurse practitioner will require that you follow the laws and rules as they are set forth by your state. Each state may have different rules and requirements for nurse practitioners and they may vary in the amount of responsibility each nurse may practice. Some states allow nurse practitioners to practice medicine on a level that is comparable to physicians. Many of these nurses work independently and in their own practice.

Nurse practitioners are Registered Nurses who then pursue their license as a Nurse Practitioner. Depending upon the course and the degree previously held, it may take an additional four years to become licensed as an NP. There are two organizations that offer NP certification programs. These are the Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American Nurses Credentialing Center. NPs offer assistance and help people reach their health care goals. They are certified in special areas and can provide personalized care to meet individual’s needs. Many nurses feel that becoming an NP is the best route for their nursing career.

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