Nurse Uniforms

The words nurse uniforms used to conjure an image of severely tailored, bleached and starched white dresses, white stockings, and structured white nursing shoes, all topped by a starched nursing cap perched on the top of the head. Thankfully, these days are gone, giving way to an era of more comfortable and practical nursing apparel.

Today’s more casual nurse uniforms are a welcome relief to many nurses who have spent their lives in the field, requiring much less time consuming care than was necessary to preserve the pristine and sparkling appearance of the fastidious white nurse uniforms of the past. Nurses who work hard in a fast paced hospital environment certainly would prefer not to starch and iron linen uniforms on their days off.

More casual dress standards have improved the hospital atmosphere for patients as well. The stiff and starched appearance of nurses in those formal nurse uniforms tended to add an intimidating and institutional air to the hospital ward, rather than the warm and inviting air that is beneficial for healing and recovery.

In today’s medical establishments, nurse uniforms are very likely to be easy going and comfortable. Nurses who work in pediatrics often wear cheery colors and patterns, creating a child friendly atmosphere that can ease anxiety in their young patients.

Nursing homes, independent living centers, and home care agencies are trending towards more casual nurse uniforms policies as well. Often personnel in facilities for the aged population wear bright and cheerful colors, geared towards making residents feel at home, easing the stress associated with transitioning from home life to permanent residence in a health care facility.

While the clothing worn by caretakers may seem a small and insignificant matter to some, studies have shown that an inviting and comfortable atmosphere can make a real difference in patient outcomes. Certainly the change has been good for nurses too, with modern, practical apparel making the long day easier and uniform care less of a chore.

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