Nurse Employment

The high demand of nurses in the medical domain, is enabling more and more nurse employment. A nurse has to perform assorted tasks, which are considered indispensable for any medical unit. Providing medical support, drawing blood or bodily fluid, rendering medical advice, diagnostic testing, educating the patient or his family about the illness, are few of the important duties to be performed by a nurse.

Nurse Employment - The Choices

Nurse employment is gradually escalating, as because the choices are many. A nurse can choose any specific field, from the various options available like, hospital nursing, mental health nursing, clinical nursing, elderly care nursing, family nursing, pulmonary medicine nursing, pediatric nursing and many more. Besides, a nurse can also cater services to health related communities, local blood drives, immunizations, health screenings, and so on.

The online and the traditional nursing schools are nowadays struggling to meet the needs of the health care industries. The nurses are very much in demand in almost all the countries and therefore, more and more aspirants are streaming into the nursing schools.

Growth Opportunity for Nurse Employment

The growth of registered nurses (RN) is expected to be very bright in the coming few years. It is expected to create the second largest number of new jobs in the world. With the advancement of technologies, the demand for RNs will be on the rise, with special emphasis on preventive care. 

However, the nurse employment will get a boost because of the increasing number of older people who are more likely to need medical care. Units that provide long-term rehabilitation for stroke or care for head injury patients or Alzheimer victims are likely to steer the nurse employment growth. Since, students are seeking stable employments, therefore enrollment of student is rapidly increasing in the nursing program.

Since the number of patients is more likely to increase, therefore the number of nurses attending them will automatically tend to rise. However, the inpatient (that is, those who remain for more than 24 hours), will grow at a slow rate. Therefore, hospitals will witness a slower nurse employment growth compared to the other medical arenas. However, hospitals are nowadays giving lucrative offers, which incorporates amicable work schedule, bonuses and subsidized training to attract nursing professionals.

Some Highly Pursued Nursing Jobs

There are many nursing jobs, which are high in demand. This includes:

  • Pediatric nurse: Here the nurse has to specialize in childcare.
  • Critical care nurse: These nurses attend those patients whose situation are very serious and are usually admitted in the ICUs (Intensive care unit) or CCUs (Critical care units).
  • Cardiology nurse: This nurse has to provide assistance to patients with heart problems.
  • Geriatric nurse: A geriatric nurse takes care of elderly patients.
  • Anesthesia nurse: Here, the nurse has to provide anesthesia to patients who will undergo surgical procedures.
  • Oncology nurse: This type of nurse takes care of patients who are afflicted with cancer.

Hence, with the growing demand of nurses, the nurse employment is surely going to leap frog in the advancing years.

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