Nurse Job

Nurse job involves a lot of hard work and dedication. The role that the nurses’ play and the responsibility they shoulder have added enhanced significance to the nursing job.

The nurse job involves taking care of ailing, sick people in a systematic way to ensure that the patients receive the best health service and their recovery is pretty speedy. The importance of nurses is next to doctors only and they are held in great esteem because of their life-saving roles.

Classification Of Nursing Jobs

Nursing jobs have become more diverse and it has assumed more importance. The present day nurses are indeed more professional but when it comes to taking care of the sick and the ailing there is no better alternative than the nurses!

A nurse job is allotted depending on the qualification/post occupied by a nurse. Nurse job services are divided among four categories of nurses – Registered nurses (RN), Licensed practical nurses (LPN) Licensed vocational nurses (LVN) and Nursing assistants.   

The Registered Nurse belongs to the highest rung in the nursing hierarchy. Registered nurses look after the works that are assigned to LPNs and nursing assistants. The LPNs and the LVNs discharge their function of providing proper care and attention under the guidance of a physician, RN (registered nurse) or a nurse practitioner. Nursing assistants are, in fact, not nurses and they carry out the order or task assigned by the RN or the LPNs. The job of a certified nursing assistant involves things like providing basic psychosocial care, paying proper attention to hygiene and other similar tasks.

Some other categories of a nurse job are full time nursing, part time nursing, contract nursing, office nursing, hospital nursing, private duty nursing, health or industrial nursing, public health nursing, psych nursing and travel nursing.

Office, hospital and home nursing come under the purview of full time nursing jobs. The schedule of full time nurses is 40 hours week in a 7-day period, or an 80 hours work in a 14-day duration or 160 hours in a 4-week timeframe. Similarly, part time nurses have to work minimum 20 hours in a 7-day period and can enjoy standard salary and benefits.

Are Nursing Jobs Available Without Degree?
There are certain nurse job categories that simply cannot be pursued without any nursing degrees like Psychiatric Nurse, Gastroenterology (GI) Nurse, Cardiology Nurse, Oncology Nurse, Geriatric Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Anesthesia nurse, Operation Room nurse, Critical Care Nurse. The nurses are trained in specific fields and they discharge their functions perfectly within that particular area.

The role and the job profile of nurses have broadened. Apart from offering quality health services to patients, they also aid in diagnosing medical conditions, treatments, assessing emergencies and other functions. The nurses offer specialized services to patients suffering from acute and chronic conditions and provide training to assistant staff.

If someone thinks about the profession of nursing, one is reminded of the great Lady, Florence Nightingale, who took the nurse job to great heights. If you opt for the nurse job, you should follow the steps of the great Lady and then you will be rendering a great service to humanity.

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