Nurse Jobs

Nurse jobs involve serious and toilsome dedication. The nurses work with such sincerity and responsibility that they add a new dimension to the arena of health care and medication. The nurse jobs include looking after the patient and his entire family and the nurse meets with all health requirements.

There has been an upsurge in the number of hospitals and health care services and this has increased the demand and need of quality nurse jobs. Nurses work systematically to provide the patients best care and attention. In clinics and hospitals, the nurse jobs are done on a daily basis.

With each growing day, nurse jobs are becoming more and more popular. Nurse jobs are of several types. The soothing, caring yet strict nature of the nurses makes the patients depend on them. There is no doubt that contemporary nurses are more professional, but as their job is all about care, affection and well being of the patient they simply just cannot be ignored. They are the best in the profession.

According to the position of the nurses, nurse jobs can be divided into four basic categories.

  • Registered nursing (RN)
  • Licensed practical nursing (LPN)
  • Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN)
  • Nursing assistant

Among these, Registered nursing is the most important and a registered nurse is liable to supervise the works of LPNs and assistant nurses.

LPN and LVN nurses work under the guidance of a physician, registered nurse or a nurse practitioner. The job of a nursing assistant is to carry out the tasks allotted by the RNs and the LPNs.

There are other options for nurse jobs. These include full time nursing, part time nursing, contract nursing, office nursing, hospital nursing, private duty nursing, health or industrial nursing, public health nursing, psyche nursing and travel nursing.

A nurse may work in office hospitals and homes and these are considered as full time nursing occupations. A full time nurse works in three ways:

  • 40 hours and seven days in a week
  • 18 hours within a 14 days duration
  • 160 hours within a span of 4 weeks or 28 days

There are provisions for part time nurse jobs too who have to work for 20 hours within a week and they can enjoy standard benefits and salaries.

Registered nurses work on contract basis. Do you like traveling to distant lands? If so then a travel nurse job is perfectly suitable for you.

The role and the professional sphere of nurses are gradually gaining space. Other than looking after the patients, nurse jobs also include diagnosis of medical conditions, treating patients, taking notice of emergency situations and a variety of other functions as well.

Have you ever heard about the lady with the lamp? Yes she was Florence Nightingale who dedicated a major part of her life for the sick and the poor. She was the one to set high standards in nurse jobs and is regarded as the founder of modern nursing. In recent days, the specialty and significance of nurse jobs are increasing in leaps and bounds because being a nurse is both noble and lucrative.

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