Nurse Resume

You got to have a systematic and well-written nurse resume because it is one of the ways for you to make others understand that you are better than others in the specified job. Competition in the field of nursing is becoming tougher day by day and having an apposite nurse resume can solve your problem to a great extent.

Tips to follow while writing a solid nurse resume

  • Your educational and licensure qualifications should be properly highlighted
  • If you have some experience in nursing you are free to make a reference to any completed clinical rotations in this particular section
  • After you have completed the entire process you need to present the details of your license including the details of the state and the date when the license came into effect. However, you don't need to mention the license number in your resume because the employer may ask for it separately when he places the job offer before you
  • Apart from mentioning your nursing degree you must also let your employer know about any academic honors, grants, scholarships, or fellowships which you may be awarded during the course of your education
  • In the resume you should put stress on your nursing expertise and special skills
  • If you have completed your graduation in nursing with an impressive grade point average, you should mention their GPA properly in the Educational section of the resume

The nurse resume should be written in such a way so that your employers receive an overview of your qualification through a quick summary of your review. You should also mention in your resume the total years of nursing experience in each area. This is very important as based on this; the employer decides your suitable job specification in the field of nursing. Through your nurse resume try to convince your employer that you are a top performer in the field of nursing.

The CV you are to present should have other details like your involvement in:

  • Mentorship programs
  • Community health screens
  • Other matters outside education
  • Committees and review boards
  • Imparting patient or family health education
  • Launching a new facility and program

What you provide in your resume is a matter of great importance because a better involvement and accomplishment will always help you to acquire a better job.

Most of the resumes submitted by nurses are comparatively formatted in a standard style along with several small personal preferences.

Details of a nurse resume

  • Your CV should come with full name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Your resume should have an objective statement not more than one or two sentences. You should never write the statement in the first person and your approach should be entirely professional. You must be very specific about what you have to say
  • Your nurse resume should have a qualification summary. This should give the employer a details of your skill suitable for the position for which you are applying
  • Your nursing resume should have details of your nursing education. Make sure to mention awards, special projects, scholarships, or programs of training which you have received and which are relevant for the post you have applied
  • Don't forget to mention in your nurse resume your working experience as a nurse 

Remember, a good nurse resume makes it easier for you to get hold of a respectable and suitable nursing job.

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