Nurse Salary

Nurse salary has skyrocketed in the recent years, thanks to the huge demand of competent and experienced nurses across the world. Countries like United States and United Kingdom are offering fat salary to nurses for attracting the best nursing minds. Moreover, the hospital and other health services are offering Incentives like bonus commission etc. to retain the nursing team.

The salary of nurses depends upon several factors like the qualification, knowledge, and experience and   of nurses. In addition to this the salary also depends on the place, position of the facility where an individual is working.

Employees willing to work at afternoon or night shifts get additional benefits too. Those working in the afternoon shifts get about 10 -12.5% extra of their salary and employees working in night shifts get 10-15% more than their salary. Nurses working overtime can expect more salary. Similarly, experienced and specialized nurse commands more salary.

In Philippines, nurses get more salary in government hospital than private hospitals. The contractual and fresher nurses rendering services in government hospital get salary around $120 to $180 a month.    While those working in private sector gets a meager salary between $40 to $140 a month as per their job description. Nurses specialized in units like the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), hemodialysis and surgical departments earn more than $400 a month.

In the United States, nurses having minimum of one year of experience get $17 per hour in addition to  $2 per hour premium for evening shifts and $3 per hour premium for night shifts. Besides salary, nurses get signing bonus between $2,000 to $10,000 and a host of benefits like holiday pay, annual vacation health insurance, pension plans and other benefits. In New England, registered nurses get around $17.07 per hour while licensed practical or vocational nurses receive around $14.65 per hour.

Salary and Benefits of Enrolled Nurses

Enrolled Nurses are the core members of the health care team. The salary of enrolled nurses depends on the knowledge and experience but it starts around $39,500 pa. In addition to salary enrolled nurses enjoy leave entitlements and work in healthy conditions. Enrolled nurses have the opportunity of excelling their career by specializing in areas like mental health, child and family health and intensive care.

Salary and Benefits of Registered Nurses 

Registered nurses can be divided into three categories: full-time, part-time, and casual. The salary varies depending on the category, in which they belong. The part time and casual nurses receive equal vacation pay as a percentage of their salary while full-time registered nurses enjoy full benefit. Registered nurses working in areas like neo-natal intensive care or surgery get higher salary.  To attract and draw nurses, many employers offer profit-sharing plans and bonuses.

A Registered nurse enjoys a gamut of facilities like group life insurance, childcare, housing assistance accidental death and health insurance facilities, vacation and holiday payments short and long term disability benefits and others. In the recent years, the salaries of Registered nurses have grown by leaps and bounds.

The starting salary of midwives is around $45,000pa, depending upon the experience and qualification. Nurse salary has been rising steadily and the demand of competent nurses has outstripped supply, causing buzz in the field of health care services.

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