Nursing Careers

When it comes to planning your future, choosing nursing careers offers many benefits and advantages. The field of nursing has a long history, beginning with Florence Nightingale, and today, nursing is one of the top professions chosen by students. Since nursing careers are oriented on other people and assisting them to live improved lives, people who choose nursing careers and are successfully, tend to be others who have a willingness to serve others and meet their needs.

Education plays a vital role in choosing and determining nursing careers, as there are a number of branches that nurses may specialize in. Nurses are an important aspect of health care professionals and they play a vital role in the daily interaction of sick and injured patients. Where a doctor may only visit with a patient for a short while each day, nurses are relied upon greatly for the patient’s routine care. Therefore, nursing research is another important factor for those who choose nursing careers.

Nurses are found worldwide, and though the nature of the profession is the same, the education used to train the nurses varies. Some parts of the world allow nurses to practice health care without receiving a college diploma, only specialized training, where other areas require a college degree. An important aspect before choosing a career in nursing is to determine the educational requirements beforehand. However, nurses may also choose to further their education and receive a doctorate degree. With advanced degrees, comes the ability to teach and instruct the principles of nursing as well as specialize in nursing research.

It is also important to realize that the nursing profession is ruled by laws and governed by mandatory rules and procedures. Nurses must be licensed and are expected to perform their duties to very high standards. Like physicians, they are held accountable and are legally liable for any misconduct for their actions.

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