Nursing Careers

Nursing careers take into account multiple activities in connection to the field of delivering health care facilities. People who are involved in nursing careers work for the treatment, safety and recovery of patients suffering from severe ailments. Nursing careers are designed in a way to serve an extensive range of health care settings.

Nursing careers also concern non-clinical functions like medical and nursing research, forensic research, nursing education, medical insurance, serving pharmaceutical and health care organizations and much more.

Fifty percent of nursing careers start in hospitals for these are places accommodating the maximum number of registered nurses. However, the other job opportunities related to nursing careers are:

  • Serving in outdoor community health clinics
  • Serving insurance companies and care centers
  • Serving multiple companies who are engaged in health care and medical business
  • Working in specific health care units and long-term care facilities
  • Serving in statutory bodies which are responsible for hospital rules and regulations
  • Being engaged in medical, nursing and forensic research either independently or as assistants
  • Private on-call nursing duty for patients at home
  • Working independently as legal nurse consultants, medical writers, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and more to add on to the list
  • Working as assistants to medical specialists like surgeons, ophthalmologists, obstetricians, and others
  • Working for world renowned organizations like United Nations, Red Cross etc.
  • Working to educate promising nurses as teachers

If you ever visit a job consultant he will tell you the increasing demand of nursing careers. Soon a time will come when the job of a registered nurse is going to exceed all other occupations in all respects. Now more and more trained and experienced registered nurses are required to teach and counsel new students in nursing careers. 

You may choose to have different working options as a competent nurse. You may work as office nurses, nursing home nurses, home health nurses, public health nurses, occupational health or industrial nurses and health nurses or supervisor nurses. 

Do you want to move a step further than being a registered nurse? If so then you must possess advanced degrees to be successful nurse practitioners. With a practitioner degree, a nurse can diagnose and take care of common ailments and injuries like cold and fractures. They are also in a position to give prescriptions to the patients. Certified nurse midwifes, certified registered nurse anesthetists and clinical nurse specialists are some examples of advanced nursing careers. These nursing professionals are liable to meet higher educational and clinical practice requirements in comparison to registered nurses.  

Nursing careers also involve managerial job specifications like head nurses, directors and even vice presidents. To be in such posts of responsibility you should have a graduate degree in nursing careers or health service administration. Nurses can also become hospital and school instructors. Nurses also have prospects in business spheres like in the health care industry where they can make use of their skills to manage and take care of health care services and provide assistance in development, marketing and quality insurance for notable corporations. 

The principal motive behind choosing nursing careers should be your genuine concern for the patients. If you choose to work as a nurse you should know how to handle work related pressures. In hospitals, nurses should always stay mentally prepared to deal with emergency situations.

Nursing careers call for sincerity and dedication and therefore it is important that you proceed with sheer responsibility and earnestness.

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