NY Nurse

The number of nurses needed in the state of New York is staggering.  A NY nurse is in high demand, and the state has recently come up with some incentives and ideas to help assist with this shortage.  This plan has been dubbed the Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Future of Nursing and was created in 2001 to help encourage the applications of the NY nurse.  The idea is to be sure that education is provided to all who are interested in becoming a NY nurse. 

There are also goals put in place to help take a serious look at the future of nursing in general.  A very ambitious agenda has been put in place to ensure that the NY nurse has a desire to practice in the state.  Of course, the first stage in this is recruitment.  This is accomplished by recruiting more minorities and men who are recent high school graduates into the realm of nursing.  By recruiting more candidates early, the number of potential nurses rises significantly.

The next and very obvious step to help increase the NY nurse numbers is through education.  By providing additional academic and financial support to those who wish to become a nurse, you open the door for many who may have had it shut before.  Education is the key to successful nurses, so education is definitely important.  Technology is also very important to the NY nurse.  By increasing newest technology in the workplace, the need for laborious paperwork diminishes.  This increases morale and eliminates wasted time and effort for those who would rather be practicing actual nursing.  Finally, creating a reliable source of data collection helps to create a database that everyone can access and easily use.  It also serves as a wonderful resource for future nurses and physicians to use so that everyone is “on the same page.”  By putting these steps in place, the shortage of the NY nurse should soon become a thing of the past.

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