NY Nurse Jobs

New York State has the third highest population in the United States.  Currently, there are about 7,325,000 nurses employed in New York, and about 69,000 of those are employed in New York City alone.  This gives an excellent picture as to why NY nurse jobs are so high in demand.  In fact, job market analysts predict that the larger cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York will continue to have a very high demand for nurses throughout the remainder of the decade and beyond. 

A large factor for this large demand for NY nurse jobs is the fact that the overall US median age has increased.  Several decades ago, the average age for people was about 75 while today it has increased to about 85.  Older people living in different areas of the country equals more need for professionals in the health care industry which explains why NY nurse jobs are still very important. 

About 25% of NY nurse jobs pay a salary of around $65,000 per year, while 11% pay a salary of $75,000 annually or more.  This is also a reason why obtaining NY nurse jobs is so desirable.  Of course, working in such a fast paced environment can sometimes have its pitfalls as well.  Factors like stress and long hours should be accounted for, particularly in the larger city settings.  New York State has many smaller cities and towns with less populated communities.  While these NY nurse jobs may not pay as well, the hours are much more flexible, and the stress level is much less as well.  Graduates of nursing schools can opt to practice in any of the 50 states but New York offers some of the most competitive pay scales, as well as some of the most dynamic facilities and positions available nationwide.

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