Ohio Board of Nursing

The Ohio Board of Nursing is the state regulatory board for the oversight of nursing practice in Ohio. As a part of the state government, the Ohio Board of Nursing derives its powers and duties from state law. Funding for the agency comes from the licensure and renewal fees submitted by nursing professionals. Its chief mission is to promote and protect the health of citizens in the state through ensuring the safe and effective practice of nursing.

Consisting of a thirteen members, the Ohio Board of nursing is appointed by the Governor for a term of four years, and may be reappointed for a second term. The Board is made up of eight registered nurses, on of whom must be authorized to practice as an advanced practice nurse. Another of the thirteen is a consumer member, a non nurse that represents the interests of health care consumers. The remaining four positions are occupied by licensed practical nurses

To fulfill its mission, the Ohio Board of Nursing is involved in nearly every aspect of nursing. Educational criteria for the profession are set by the Ohio Board of Nursing, certification of the state’s nursing schools and programs is done by the board, and rules pertaining to the regulation of the nursing practice are drafted by the agency. A variety of Nursing licenses and certificates are issued by the board, and discipline of nursing professionals who do not uphold the rules and laws that regulate the practice is handled by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Regulating the nursing profession state wide is a monumental task, with an estimated 180,000 nurses practicing in the state. Nursing is the largest segment of the Ohio medical health care industry, with a range of sub specialties and paraprofessionals falling within its boundaries. All of these nursing professionals are placed under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Board of Nursing, ensuring that Ohio’s health care consumers receive safe and effective nursing care.

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