Pediatric Nurse

A pediatric nurse is involved in child health nursing which focuses on providing holistic care for adolescents, children, and infants. It is centered on the care and concept of family. These nurses help supporting the family by providing nursing care, educating the parents, helping to maintain a normal environment, and most important of all viewing the parents as partners throughout the entire caretaking process.

A pediatric nurse must be understanding of the children’s feelings at all times because they are still young and may not yet understand what’s happening to them. A pediatric nurse must function as a teacher to the families of the children and provide them with sufficient support and confidence in their abilities to raise their child as well. Nurses who have decided to enter this field must have a special set of attitudes and must have an open mind to all different methods to raise a child.

A pediatric nurse must be able to adapt to various settings and perform their job without any problems.  They need to be able to respond to both the physical and psychological aspects of illness. They also must be able to discern between both acute and chronic illnesses as well as management of different mental disabilities. A pediatric nurse must be good when interacting with people, have empathy, an immense love for children, flexibility, control over their emotions, and stress management.

To become a pediatric nurse you must be a registered nurse with an Advanced Diploma, a diploma, or a Bachelor of Science for nursing. Different employers for a pediatric nurse could be hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, the community, and home care agencies. A pediatric nurse may also work in a children’s ward in a medical institution alongside a medical doctor to assist them with their work, they must also deal with emergencies in their absence.

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