Professional Nurse

There are many different roles in the health care industry that are important, and all there for one purpose: to heal and help patients. A professional nurse is one of these people, and their role is extremely vital to all who are sick and injured. Florence Nightingale is the first primary example of what nursing is all about, and her book Note on Nursing which was written in 1860 served as a stepping stone to help today’s professional nurse become a front runner in the health care sector. In earlier times, nurses were often there to help serve and assist soldiers injured in battle. Eventually, doctors realized the importance of their help, and soon colleges and schools were formed to help young women (mostly at the time) move up and go towards getting a job as a professional nurse. Today, there are many organizations both nationally and international that were created to help create a sense of unity for the professional nurse.

The role of a professional nurse can be quite a challenge, and today’s diseases are often more intricate and more challenging than ever with the help of modern diagnostics. Overall, the role of a nurse is to provide care, administer medication, ensure patients are doing ok, and to be a support system for the doctors. It is a job that often gets overlooked but is so important and vital to all of us. If you’ve ever been sick, you know that the nurse is there to help you when needed. They are a truly special group of people whose goal is to make sure all patients are treated with respect and dignity, and that they have everything they need to be made as comfortable as possible. A professional nurse is someone who knows the value of human life and how peoples’ needs can be met through proper care.

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Medical nursing can be defined as the art of curing patients not only physically, but also mentally.  Hence, the profession of nursing is considered very important in the medical field. Patients can lose their mental balance or may eventually die, if not properly taken care of, after any major operation. At this point, the service of a nurse matters a lot. There is a specialized...

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