Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are in great demand these days throughout the medical industry. These highly trained professionals make up the largest segment of the health care industry, yet there are not enough of them to meet the needs of our modern health care system. Registered nursed work in a variety of settings and in a wide range of specialties within the health care industry, and are in short supply in most. This shortage of registered nurses translates into job security and a great deal of career flexibility for nurses who hold the proper credentials.

Education for registered nurses is grouped into three basic categories, according to the credentials awarded to students upon graduation. Among these options are nursing schools offering a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing, or BSN, upon completion, and schools that offer an associates degree, or ADN, or diploma upon graduation. Bachelor’s degree programs generally take four years to complete, while the associate degree or diploma courses range in length from two to three years.

Registered nurses that graduate with a bachelor’s degree have the most flexibility in their careers, meeting the qualifications standards for the broadest range of procedures, specialties, and positions within the health care industry.

No matter the avenue of education, all registered nurses must pass a national examination called the NCLEX-RN to be licensed for practice, and license renewal is a periodic requirement. Depending upon the regulations of the state in which a nurse chooses to practice, license renewal can involve additional education or testing. Registered nurses can hold a license in several states, with some states requiring testing and others simply endorsing a license issued by another state.

The growing demand for registered nurses makes this field a great career choice for those who seek job security and advancement. With positions to be filled within so many specialties, a graduate with registered nurse credentials is sure to find just the right one to begin an exciting and fulfilling career.

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