Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is a health care professional having an Associate or Bachelor’s degree under her belt and accountable for nursing patient with other health care experts. The nurse oversees the condition of patients and ensures that the sick and suffering get the best possible attention and care for his speedy recovery. Registered nurse virtually acts as advocates for the patient helping him / her to get suitable and professional medical guidance.

In addition to proper qualification and experience, the job of a nurse demands complete dedication and patience as being a registered nurse you will be promoting good health and helping patients to recover from illness. A nurse must have good writing skills coupled with the caliber to pick minute details. Nurses working in psychology area are required to take detailed notes of patient behavior, outcome of medication and doctor's guidance for effective treatment.

A registered nurse often act as a teacher and guide to communities, families, individuals and patients. The nurse plays a prominent role in promoting healthy life styles. The job of a nurse involves planning, assessing, evaluating, implementing, and co-coordinating total patient care.

Criteria to become a Registered nurse

To become a nurse you can take the route of various educational programs in streams such as behavioral science, anatomy, chemistry, nutrition and physiology to earn degrees in areas like Hospital Diploma program, Associates Degree in Nursing and Bachelor Degree in Nursing. A hospital, college, school, or university awards these degrees. As license is necessary for nursing, as per the state regulations you can apply for it after you complete your course.  

Generally most schools ask for clinical experience and surely that experience help you in getting a job of a registered nurse. To become a certified nurse midwife, certified nurse anesthetist, and nurse practitioner you need a masters’ degree.

If you have been thinking of a career as a nurse, make sure that you are willing to work in different areas like clinics, hospitals, home health care agencies, offices of physicians, outpatient care centers, temporary help agencies, government agencies, schools, and nursing homes.

Classification of registered nurse

Registered nurses can be divided into three groups - full-time, part-time, and casual. The salary of a registered nurse varies depending upon the category to which they belong.  Registered nurses working full time commands more salary and enjoys a host of benefits while part-time and casual nurses receive equal vacation pay as a percentage of their salary.

Nurses working in specialized areas like neo-natal intensive care or surgery earn fat salary in comparison to others.  In addition to salary, most registered nurses get shift premiums also. Many employers offer profit-sharing plans and bonuses with the aim of attracting and retaining registered nurses.

The registered nurses possess in-depth knowledge of the requirement of people of all categories from infants to the aged people. When other sectors are experiencing a decline in job interestingly, registered nurses are in good demand. The United States continues to have a great shortage of nurses, and if the trend continues the country will be suffering a lack of 400,000 professional nurses by the year 2020.

A Registered nurse provides the primary health care and remains responsible for the proper supervision of the patient's health and happiness.

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