Registered Nurses

Within the health care industry, registered nurses constitute the largest health care occupation with over two million jobs. Three out of five registered nurses work ion hospitals.

All registered nurses, regardless of their specialty, perform the basic duties of nursing. Some of these duties include treating patients and their family members, recording medical history, analyzing diagnostic test results, administering medications, and helping patients in rehabilitation. Another important job of registered nurses is the education of the family members of the patients and the public on various diseases and preventions of such. Some even take training on grief counseling to help console family members of chronically ill patients. Working as a nurse will put you into many hazardous situations. Many chemicals from sterilizing equipment, infectious diseases, and electrical shock are harmful and must be avoided at any cost. Therefore, all registered nurses must follow a strict set of guidelines to prevent any injuries while on duty.

The majority of registered nurses work in comfortable, well-lit, health care facilities. Others registered nurse’s travel to public areas like schools, community centers, and to patients’ homes. Many spend a considerable time standing and walking and must be prepared on short notices because many patients need twenty-four hour care. In cause, many registered nurses work nights, weekends, and holidays. There are three different options to becoming a registered nurse, one is to obtain a diploma, another is to get an Advanced Diploma in Nursing, and the third is to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Many registered nurses first obtain a diploma or Advanced Diploma in Nursing and then later get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nurses have a better chance of getting hired if they have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Three years ago the average annual salary of registered nurses was around fifty-two thousand dollars while the nurses working in employment services earned over sixty-three thousand dollars. Many employers will offer bonuses, benefits, flexible working schedules, and educational benefits.

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