School Nurse

Many people today are choosing careers in the health care profession, specifically nursing. Those with nursing degrees have plenty of options to choose from and the more advanced the degree, the more nursing fields one may choose. A field where many are choosing to work is as a school nurse.

A school nurse serves an important and vital role in the health of children in the school system. For many students, the school nurse is the first point of contact when they feel ill. The school nurse holds many responsibilities and the job is not to be taken lightly.
For instance, it is the school nurse who initiates various screening tests throughout the school. Many of these screening tests include hearing, vision, scoliosis, and sometimes dental. The school nurse identifies problems that may hinder the child’s ability to learn at his or her optimum level. Likewise, it is the school nurse that helps to identify any learning disabilities in students and helps implement a course of study that is conducive to learning. The nurse plays a very important role that helps ensure children are on the best road for learning.

If a child feels ill, it is the nurse who is the child’s first contact. The nurse is called upon to assess the illness and determine if the condition is something that will pass, requires the child to be sent home, or even if it is a contagious condition. In case of an emergency, the school nurse will contact the child’s parents or emergency contact information and arrange for the student to receiver proper medical attention.

There is another area where school nurses play a valuable role, and that is in identifying cases of neglect or abuse. The school is one of the best places to identify children who are being victimized and the nurse is often the one who works with teachers in confirming or putting suspicions to rest. The nurse will work with other community leaders to ensure that the student’s safety is the primary concern.

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