School Nurses

Currently there are about 50,000 school nurses employed in the United States. These nurses are a very special type of nurse, since they must have training in dealing with children and their development, as well as treatment for the younger patient. School nurses are an integral part of every school, public or private, and are there to perform a number of very important duties. The job of school nurses is to help promote health and safety within the school environment, assess various illness levels with children, and help to treat small instances of injury if necessary. They can take children’s temperatures to determine if a fever is present, check for things like lice, and refer children to a doctor if need be in the event that a child is too sick to stay in class. Often, school nurses are there to be a comfort to children who may not feel well, and can really help ease their fears or discomfort. Most school nurses have some access to children’s medical information, so that they are aware of any known allergies or other problems.

The job of school nurses is extremely important, and it helps ease parents’ minds, too. Knowing there is a nurse on school premises often helps to relieve some pressure or fear from the parents in the event their child is sick. A nurse can also tell if children are “faking it” or not, and can then determine whether or not the parents need to be called. School nurses have always been a very special part of the educational system, and their job is one of educating children and parents, as well as treating them when they are sick. There are organizations where school nurses can get together and discuss various practices and methods for dealing with children and their parents in a clinical setting. The school National Association of School Nurses is a great resource.

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