School Nursing

On average, there is only about one school nurse for every 1,100 students in the United States. The concept of school nursing seems to be considered less and less important by many educational institutions, when in reality, often the school nurse is the only healthcare provider many children will see or talk to in their younger years. School nursing is extremely important and should be treated as such within every school in America, both private and public. School nursing is taught much like traditional nursing, and all school nurses must be registered, educated, and pass an exam before they can administer any kind of treatment to children. Without the help of a school nurse, many dangerous errors can occur, such as giving children the wrong medications. Statistics have shown that people are about 40 percent more likely to give children incorrect medicine if a school nurse is not involved in the process. This is an example of the importance of school nursing.

Aside from the occasional sniffle or tummy ache, school nursing is also important to help kids with special needs. A school nurse can help to assist kids with problems such as diabetes, asthma, or those who are in a wheelchair or battling other health related issues. Teachers and coaches are not trained to deal with or treat students with special needs, but school nurses are. Just having someone there who practices school nursing can give students a sense of security and emotional support. The job of school nurses is much broader than just taking a temperature or making phone calls. They are needed because they have the experience and know how to help treat kids or make decisions that most faculty and staff cannot do. Without them, our schools are lacking a vital part of the system that is in place to help and protect our children.

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