Student Nurses

The health care industry is short of qualified nursing professionals these days, an issue that began to present itself approximately twenty years ago and has grown steadily deeper since that time. Due to this shortage, incentives to attract new student nurses have become quite widespread. A variety of scholarships and grants are available to ease student nurses along the path to a nursing license, and once it has been obtained, the employment opportunities are plentiful in nearly every health care category.

Nursing careers have changed quite a bit over recent years. Advances in medical treatments and technologies have made nursing more challenging, with the standards of qualification and education more stringent. Nurses these days, responsible for procedures and treatments that were the exclusive domain of the physician years ago, are no longer relegated to bandages and bedpans.

Nursing students graduating today will find themselves doing much more than the simple bedside care that was standard for earlier generations of nurses. Nursing professionals can choose from a wide variety of specializations that include acute care, trauma, operating room practice, pediatrics, newborn or adult intensive care, and coronary care, to name just a few of the hundreds of available options. These are highly skilled professional positions, requiring critical thinking and technical skills, offering exciting career opportunities for current nursing students.

With the spiraling demand for nursing professionals in the job market today, a vast array of incentive programs have become available to nursing students. Grants and scholarships abound in the field, especially in areas hardest hit by the nurse shortage. Many hospitals across the country offer full school funding for nursing students, in return for an agreement to join their staff upon graduation and remain for a set period of time.

Affordable nursing school education is easier to find these days than ever before, and the field is wide open for advancement for those graduating nursing students. Few careers offer the satisfaction and security that can be found in the nursing profession today.

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