Student Nursing

Nursing has become a more complex and challenging field these days, with the proliferation advanced technology in the everyday practice of health care. Student nursing education involves much more than teaching direct patient care, good bedside manner, and emergency care in today’s healthcare industry. Student nursing must include training on high tech equipment, and instruction in computer and information skills. New technologies have changed the way medicine is practiced in the average hospital, making it necessary for much more ground to be covered by nursing school programs.

Student nursing is the clinical portion of nursing education, when nursing students are taken into the hospital setting for their first experience in hands on nursing care under the supervision of a clinical instructor. This process has traditionally included practice in such matters as wound dressings, vital signs, bedpans, catheters, injections, medications, and a long list of other such personal care issues.

While these skills are still the basis of a good nursing education, technology skills have become increasingly important in today’s student nursing programs, as nursing professionals must be proficient in handling the high tech tools and equipment that have become the standard in the practice of routine healthcare.

Information technology is becoming more important in the typical student nursing program, as many healthcare facilities are beginning to phase out the paper patient information chart in favor of information management technologies. Student nursing programs have had to teach more extensive computer skills to adjust to these new record keeping practices.

While the advanced medical technology used today can make student nursing education a bit more difficult, students are rising to the challenge. Student nursing programs are graduating classes of extremely capable and tech savvy new nurses every year, ready to face both traditional nursing care concerns and the latest in medical technology with confidence.

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