Telephone Triage Nursing

In today’s busy world, the need for nurses is exceptionally high. While most nurses operate in a hospital or clinic setting, there is also a need for telephone triage nursing. This particular nursing style does not involve hands on nursing, but instead involves assisting patients or people over the telephone that are in need of fast, triage care. There are many courses designed to help train nurses in the methods used in telephone triage nursing. There are several basic steps which one must follow in order to perform telephone triage nursing. First, you want to introduce yourself and get the caller’s name so that you can establish a rapport with them. Next, you’ll need to record vital information from the person calling as quickly as possible such as the patient’s name, date of birth, location, symptoms, any medications they are currently taking and any allergies (if any), as well as their weight and doctor’s name and telephone number.

While practicing telephone triage nursing, there are many questions that should be asked. You will want to ask the patient where the pain is occurring, how severe it is, and what, if anything, is making it feel better or worse. You will also ask the patient how severe it is, and when it started. Getting a timeline of the problem is absolutely essential. In addition, the patient should be able to tell you whether or not they’ve had treatment before for the problem, and if they are currently taking any medication for it. All of this information allows the nurse to assess the problem with the patient, and allows them to refer them to their primary care physician, apply something like a cold compress, take an additional dose of medicine, or be referred to a hospital. In severe or extreme cases, the nurse should always advise the caller to hang up and immediately contact 911.

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