Travel Nurse

Have you ever thought about a career in nursing? Do you like to travel? A travel nurse combines the benefits of both of these options. The field of nursing is in dire need of qualified individuals who are looking to travel around the world. Due to the severe shortage of nurses in the United Sates of America, a new field of work has arisen in the health care industry, the travel nurse. These individuals relocate for short-term assignments so they can better serve the need of the patients in hospitals where there are shortages. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are offered the opportunity to participate in this newly developed field of health care.

Hospitals and recruitment agencies are willing to offer many incentives to nurses who are willing to travel. Some of these incentives include relocation assistance and furnished housing to stipends and bonuses. Agencies arrange and provide free private furnished housing and often cover the expenses for utilities and other items. Typically, an agency will provide reimbursement for licensure fees, continuing education reimbursement, referral bonuses, and loyalty reward type programs. Some of these agencies even offer health insurance, 401K’s with matching funds, vacation and sick time, and stock investment options. There are also tax benefits to being a travel nurse, “Tax Advantage” or “Per Diem” can be beneficial if the travel nurse maintains a “Permanent Tax Home.” In addition to lodging, these benefits will cover the costs of food and incidentals. 

The clinical requirements for becoming a travel nurse are generally at least one year of clinical experience in a specialty and licensure in the state of employment granted to the nurse by the home states board of nursing. The NLCA, Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators, simplifies this requirement by negating the need for fees or paperwork when traveling to any of the states who are participating in the program. Presently, there are twenty states involved in this organization and there are three states that are in the process of joining.

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