Traveling Nurse

A traveling nurse is a certified health care professional who serves in multiple short-term assignments where you have to travel. The individual assignment offered to a traveling nurse usually has tenure of 13 to 26 weeks, however, it may differ depending upon various needs and requirements.

Any eligible RN (registered nurse) or LPN (licensed practical nurses) can perform the duty of a traveling nurse. A travel nurse is equally trained like the one who works as a permanent employee at a certain health care facility or organization. According to some reputable nurse agencies if you really want to be a travel nurse then you should at least have one-year clinical nursing experience.

According to some, the job of a travel nurse has innumerable benefits. All nurses are paid for their work, but only a travel nurse gets the opportunity to see different places along with a decent income. Travel nurses are specially paid for long distance travels and are also provided with comfortable accommodation during their period of assignment. Sometimes, traveling nurses are allowed to travel with their family and pets and some can even travel with their friends in compatible nursing pairs.  

A traveling nurse is not liable to sign a contract with any specific health care organization. The job of a travel nurse is indeed exciting which entirely rests on efficiency and adaptability.

The occupation of travel nursing began at a time when there was a necessity to fulfill scheduling shortages resulting from census increases, maternity leaves and vacations. If you want to become a traveling nurse, you should contact a travel nursing company to inquire about all possible opportunities. 

The general criteria of a traveling nurse is at least one year of experience and it is also important for the aspirant to acquire a license in the state she desires to practice. However, if you decide to join a nursing institution as a traveling nurse, you would be entitled to all or any of these facilities:

  • Dental or medical insurance 
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Considerable pay rates
  • 401K plans
  • Completion and referral bonuses
  • Private housing facilities

Throughout the nation you will find countless travel job positions. Travel nursing jobs are finding apt outlets everywhere and the salaries being offered are no doubt attractive. However, special preference are given to nurses who have just completed their training, who are not yet married and especially those who have a kind of life style specifically suitable for traveling.

As a travel nurse you have lots to know and lots to explore. Therefore, if you really want to go for a smart career move then nothing can be better than the job of a traveling nurse because it is simply the best.

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