Traveling Nurse

Recently in the United States of America, there has been a sharp decline in the number of nurses available to work in hospitals. Due to this severe drop, a new type of nursing job has developed in the health care industry, the travel nurse. A traveling nurse would accept positions in other hospitals located out of state or even out of country. Positions within the United States of America would last from four to thirteen weeks while positions taken outside the country might last up to two years.  A traveling nurse agency would provide private and furnished housing for the nurse free of charge which also includes utilities such as heat, water, and electricity.

Like many other nurses, a traveling nurse must have a certain set of qualities to be certified for their job. A traveling nurse is a mature and trustworthy individual that is an excellent listener and keeps neat and meticulous records. They must be caring, sympathetic, and concerned for the well being of all of their patients and their family members as well. A traveling nurse works with a variety of patients including those with mental disabilities. At all times they must be sensitive of the physical and emotional needs of their clients. They must understand that all information is confidential and should only be given out under certain circumstances. Another important responsibility of a traveling nurse is the ability to instruct both their patients and the family members of those patients on health care issues and treatments.

All existing registered nurse and licensed practical nurses have the opportunity of becoming a traveling nurse. The requirements to becoming a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse are simple. A diploma, an Advanced Diploma of Nursing, or a Bachelor of Science for Nursing is required. Graduation from an accredited nursing school and the passing of the nursing license exam is needed as well.

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