Canine Health

The Canine Health Center is a centralized canine health database which is jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

There are some primary goals of the Canine Health Center, and they include: to work with parent clubs in the identification of health issues for which a central information system should be established; to establish and maintain a central health information system in a manner that will support research into canine disease and provide health information to owners and breeders; and to base the availability of information on individually identified dogs at the consent of the owner.

There are numerous different benefits that this organization brings to the table, and for breeders, they provide an incredibly reliable source of information regarding dogs they may use in their breeding programs.

For buyers, the CHIC program is one which provides accurate information about the results of a breeder’s health testing, and for diseases that are limited to phenotypic evaluations, there are no guarantees.

However, the probability that an animal will develop an inherited device is reduced when its ancestry has been tested normal. Furthermore, as more DNA tests become available and the results are entered into CHIC, the CHIC database will be able to establish whether progeny will be clear, carriers, or affected.

For researchers, they provide confidential and accurate aggregate information on multiple generations of dogs, and their information will also be useful for epidemiological studies enhancing our knowledge of health issues affecting all breeds of dogs.

There are various different ways to contact this organization if you are interested in learning more about them or in resourcing them for some purpose, and although there are many other organizations similar to this one, none of them are even remotely as successful, and so if you are looking for such a company then you are definitely going to want to go with this one over any other.

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