Dog Health Problems

Just like us humans, dogs go through sicknesses and ailments, and so it is important that we know what the most common dog health problems are and how to solve them, so that if our own pets get sick we will at least have an idea of what the problem is and how to make them better.

One of the most common dog health problems by far is obesity, and this is unfortunate, because obesity – for the most part – is a health problem that can be avoided. This is because the main cause of obesity is simply from overfeeding, and so thus it is vital that you maintain a healthy and proper diet for your dog at all times.

Another one of the most common dog health problems is gingivitis, and this is actually quite surprising to most people, because we tend to assume that only humans can get gingivitis.

In fact, gingivitis is just as common of a problem in dogs as it is in humans, and the latest research indicates that over 80% of dogs have at least some form of dental issue. The problem tends to get more serious as the dog advances in age, and it is typically marked by an inflammation of the gums that is brought on by poor oral hygiene.

It is important to realize that prevention is easier than treatment for these types of dog health problems, and that starts with a well-balanced dry dog food and regular use of chew toys, made of rubber, nylon, or rawhide, for instance.

Care for your dog’s oral hygiene should start as early as possible if you want to take the best possible care of them overall, and so make sure that you start when they are puppies if you can, and then maintain care from there on in.

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