Pet Health Questions

Having pets is a wonderful thing, however there are always a ton of pet health questions that we as pet owners have regarding our pets, particularly in terms of their health. There are some pet health questions in particular which are most commonly asked, and it is those which will be discussed and answered here.

One of the most commonly asked pet health questions is in regards to their diet, and what type and amount of food they should be feeding their pet. The answer to this is actually going to vary, depending on the type and breed of pet that you have.

After all, just like human beings each animal is different, and so in order to be able to properly determine the specific diet and exercise that you should be providing for your pet, you should speak to your veterinarian so that they can examine the animal and inform you of their recommendations.

Another one of the most frequently asked pet health questions is regarding vaccines and if and when their pet should get them. Basically you should know that in order to protect your pet from disease you need to dutifully book annual veterinary exams and get your pet his shots.

Not all vaccines need to be given every year, although as a pet owner you should continue to keep your pet’s annual checkup, and the recommendations say that after your puppy or kitten receives her initial series of vaccinations and her appropriate booster shot, she may only then need vaccinations to protect against highly infectious diseases such as distemper and rabies every three years.

Remember to discuss this issue with your veterinarian next time you see them, so that you can be clear on the exact recommendations for your own pet and so that thus you can feel safe in knowing that you are taking the best possible care of your pet.

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