Alli Diet Pill Side Effects

There are numerous commercials and direct mail pieces sent out about the miracle diet pill Alli. Alli is the new name for the former over the counter version of the FDA approved fat blocker Xenical.

Alli, the over-the-counter version is one-half of the strength of Xenical, however, Alli, actually produces some of the same adverse side effects that plagued Xenical users. Some of the Alli Diet Pill side effects include experiencing gas with oily discharge, inability to control bowel movements, oily or fatty stools, and oily spotting.

Alli, however is the only over-the-counter weight loss product with is FDA approved. Allis makers and advertisers claim that Alli is more than just a pill. Alli is considered to be a revolutionary weight loss program. The Alli diet pill works by preventing the dieter’s body from absorbing some of the fat she eats. The Alli program includes an independently tailored, online action plan that will help the dieter to lose weight safely and progressively.

What’s in Allis Starter Pack

Inside the Alli starter pack you’ll receive the Alli weight loss capsules and the Alli Shuttle (used to carry Alli capsules in).

There are also several reference guides that come with the Alli product such as the Read Me First Guide, the Welcome Guide, the Healthy Eating Guide, Calorie & Fat Counter, Daily Journal and Quick Facts Cards.

Alli also includes online guidance and support for the dieter so that she can use the Alli program without any interruption.

How Does Alli Work

The new Alli diet pill does not work as an appetite suppressant. The Alli diet pill works by preventing the absorption of fat into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Some critics feel that if Alli blocks fat so well, it may also block the absorption of important vitamins and minerals as well resulting in deficiencies within the body.

Due to the Alli diet pill side effects, dieters should use Alli or begin the program on a day when there are no plans for the day. Dieters should consult with their doctor if any new Alli diet pill side effects should occur while on the Alli diet pill program.

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