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Oxycodone is a very powerful narcotic painkiller that is available by prescription only. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain that is felt continuously over a long period of time. It is not prescribed to treat acute pain that is expected to last for only a short period of time and diminish with healing, such as that felt when recovering from surgery or from an injury.

As with many drugs today, it is possible to buy oxycodone online but it should not be purchased online without a prescription from a licensed physician. This drug can produce life-threatening side effects and addiction is a strong threat. For these reasons, it is best to be carefully monitored by a reputable healthcare provider when taking this medication.

While some side effects are anticipated, others may develop without warning. Dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, itching, and gastrointestinal disturbances are to be expected. Always notify your prescribing physician when these and any other symptoms occur.

Oxycodone use can cause dangerous breathing problems in patients diagnosed with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory conditions. These same respiratory concerns pertain to all older patients and those in poor general health, regardless of whether or not there is a previous diagnosis of respiratory disorder.

Seizures are a very real danger for anyone taking oxycodone and patients prone to convulsions and seizures will most often be prescribed a non-narcotic pain reliever instead of oxycodone.

Taking oxycodone while taking certain other medications can lead to dangerously low blood pressure, impaired breathing, and coma. It is imperative to let you prescribing physician know exactly which other medications you are taking and at what dosages.

Abrupt withdrawal of oxycodone can be dangerous and withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Never reduce your dosage or stop taking this medication without consent, direction, and supervision by a reputable physician.

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