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Fioricet is a drug that is commonly prescribed for the relief of chronic or severe pain. A combination of three active ingredients, acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine, Fioricet is strong, non-narcotic pain reliever. Once prescribed by a physician, it is quick and convenient to buy Fioricet online, and often less expensive than purchases at a traditional neighborhood pharmacy.

Among the most common uses for this medication is the relief of the severe and debilitating pain of Cluster headaches. Over the counter headache remedies are seldom effective in relieving the symptoms of this condition, barely capable of even dulling the intense and excruciating pain it inflicts. The combination of ingredients contained in Fioricet has proven to be an effective treatment for many who suffer attacks of Cluster headache pain. For these sufferers, the ability to buy Fioricet online and have a supply handy at the onset of symptoms can be extremely helpful.

Migraines are another condition for which this medication is often prescribed. While migraine relief can be elusive, for a percentage of those who suffer this chronic condition, treating the onset of symptoms early with a dose of Fioricet can divert a migraine attack.

Many consumers who buy Fioricet online are sufferers of tension headaches, which is the most common type of headache pain among adults. These headaches are triggered by muscle contracture, for which the sedative ingredient in Fioricet, butalbital, can be quite effective. Stress induced pain in the shoulders and neck, often the precursor to a tension headache, can be treated successfully with this medication as well.

Medicating a chronic condition can be quite expensive with today’s drug prices. Many consumers who use Fioricet in the treatment of chronic pain have found that the cost of treatment can be reduced when they buy Fioricet online. Online prices are often significantly lower than those found at the local pharmacy, and online purchases are shipped right to your door for your convenience.

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