Chantix Side Effects

What is Chantix

Chantix is a drug which it taken for the purpose to help a smoker to quit smoking. This drug Chantix has a vast level of effectiveness in the medical field. According to some medical scientists, in tests involving approximately 2000 smokers, who have been smoking about 21 cigarettes a day for more than 25 years, the Chantix drug successfully, helped these smokers to stop smoking. Chantix is said to be at least 4 times greater in effectiveness than any of the popular drugs in regards to quitting smoking that are on the market. Presently, there is no other match to Chantix.

The Side Effects of Chantix

Although, Chantix is a choice drug to help smokers to quit smoking, there are possible side effects to taking the Chantix drug. Some of the frequently occurring Chantix side effects include Nausea, Sleep disorder, gas, sleeplessness, constipation, headache and loss of taste.

Pregnancy and Chantix

Experiencing pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life and having a cigarette smoking addiction during pregnancy can cause a woman to have to endure many problems during her pregnancy. A smoking addiction can also cause problems for a woman’s unborn baby.

Although Chantix, the anti-smoking drug, has been recognized as a very beneficial anti-smoking drug for smokers, it has also been a matter of deliberation in regards to whether there are Chantix side effects that would affect pregnant women who desire to take the drug to stop smoking.

Should Chantix be Given to Pregnant Women to Stop Smoking Addiction

If Chantix, the anti-smoking drug were to be given to pregnant women who smoke, there is a tremendous chance that there would be Chantix side effects that would cause reduced weight in the bone mass of the fetus carried by the mother. Therefore, many doctors suggest that Chantix be avoided by smoking pregnant women.

Chantix is an effective alternative for individuals who wish to quit smoking, however pregnant women as well as individuals who are not pregnant who choose to use the anti-smoking drug should consider whether it is the best method and choice for them individually due to Chantix side effects.

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