Discount Viagra

Viagra is sildenafil citrate and it is a drug that is used in the treatment of two branches of medicine. At this time, discount Viagra is used in both the treatment of erectile dysfunction and heart issues.

Discount Viagra is not hard to come by these days. There are no special measures that need to be taken to find discount Viagra. Since the patent is up on Viagra, there are other versions of the drug that can be purchased. Whenever there is competition in the pharmaceutical world, there is bound to be price cuts on drugs.

At this time, there are two major competitors competing to steal away profits from Pfizer's Viagra. Those two contenders are Cialis and Levitra. They are generic brands of Viagra that may, or may not cost less than Viagra.

The thing to remember about generic drugs is that they are safe, but there can be some issues when switching. If a person has been taking Viagra all along and want to switch to a discount Viagra product, their doctor and pharmacist should be consulted.

While generic drugs are the same as the name brand, there can be slight chemical differences. This is something that should be taken into account and doctors and pharmacists would be able to tell a patient if this type of switch would be safe or not.

When getting discount Viagra, it is wise to think about the amount of usage that the drug will get. Since it only needs to be taken before sexual encounters, the amount of sexual encounters should be taken into account. For a person that is only going to need to use the drug occasionally, they will not need as much of a supply. However, they may be able to stock up by buying in bulk and save a ton of money.

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